Personal Goals Review - 2019-11-25

Posted on 2019-11-25 in Personal Goals Reviews

Well it has been a HOT MINUTE. I totally burned myself out. I'm doing better now that I've scaled back a lot of commitments.


  • Relationships: I've fallen out of touch with a lot of people.
  • Career: Cross-training's been picking up nicely. I'm preparing to grow into a Scrum Master role, but still trying to figure out what that actuallymeans.
  • Health and Longevity: I've fallen out of practice with my shoulder exercises. And since the snow's fallen and my winter bike's not roadworthy I haven't been riding.
  • Financial Independence: Oof.


Shoulder Exercise

Fell off enough that my shoulder's occasionally uncomfortable again.


  • Cue: Walk past the office gym on my way to lunch.
  • Response: Grab a cup of coffee and exercise my shoulder.
  • Reward: Coffee during the workout.

Cooking Skill

Oh hey. I'm actually still crushing this. I've been cooking most nights of the week, bringing lunches every workday, and learning a new recipe or two each week.


  • Cue: Meal planning.
  • Response: Scour the Internet for a new recipe. Write up its salient details. Print it out.
  • Reward: Eat a small dark chocolate bar.

Bedtime Routine

This old trope. It was one of my more beneficial habits while I was at it, so I'm gonna rebuild it. I'm reading Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience and drinking chai tea.


  • Cue: Dinner's finished.
  • Response: Pack for the next day. Brush my teeth. Grab a tasty beverage. Read in bed. Go to sleep.
  • Reward: Read a fun book and drink a tasty beverage.


Car Shopping

We bought a dang car. It's fully spreadsheet compliant, and my wife's pretty happy with it.

House Search

This has been called off. After some radical rearranging we have enough space to work with in our current residence.

Personal Web Development Stack

Absolutely no progress since I last wrote. I'm gonna table this while my creative energy's rebounding.