Personal Goals Review - 2019-09-16

Posted on 2019-09-16 in Personal Goals Reviews


  • Relationships: My wife and I have been learning some hard lessons this fortnight.
  • Career: I'm sad to say I'm stepping back from the JVM User Group and all other meetups, at least for a while. And my side project plans have been sidetracked.
  • Health and Longevity: My shoulder is a bit stronger and more comfortable since I last wrote. Progress!
  • Financial Independence: We've under-spent our budget so far this month! Now to pay down those credit cards and buy an entire damn car. :/


Shoulder Exercise - Morning

I've got to work out my shoulder twice daily, doctor's orders.


  • Cue: Put on my bike clothes before work.
  • Response: Execute my shoulder exercise routine.
  • Reward: ???

Shoulder Exercise - Afternoon



  • Cue: Put on my bike clothes before work.
  • Response: Execute my shoulder exercise routine.
  • Reward: Drink my first cup of coffee of the afternoon.

Cooking Skill

I would like to eat healthier, cheaper, easier, tastier, more ethical meals. But my repertoire is still small and somewhat lacking. So I'm going to make a habit of incorporating a new recipe into my meal plan each week.


  • Cue: Meal planning.
  • Response: Scour the Internet for a new recipe. Write up its salient details. Print it out.
  • Reward: Eat a small dark chocolate bar.


Car Shopping

I've got a process for researching cars worked out. And I've been keeping an eye on listings on some websites. But we haven't made the time to actually go test drive anything. I've carved out time this weekend to try out at least one.

House Search

Since this is my second priority I've got alerts set up on just one website. Astral has reached out to a couple landlords, but we haven't had a showing yet.

Personal Web Development Stack

I'm tentatively picking Gatsby for static site generation, though I'm keeping my eye on Gridsome. Both are static site generators written in JavaScript which use GraphQL to integrate disparate data sources before building the site. While I'd really like to use Gridsome because it uses Vue for its frontend framework, it's still pre-1.0 release. Gridsome's plugin ecosystem's pretty sparse, its documentation's slim and quickly outdated, and the maintainers are still making important product decisions like whether or how to support themes.