Personal Goals Review - 2019-08-19

Posted on 2019-08-19 in Personal Goals Reviews


  • Relationships: I've made it out to a few social events this fortnight, including a Lansing Lugnuts game with the Lansing Codes crew!
  • Career: The JVM User Group's picking back up! We had a pretty good turnout at our last meeting. I'm sinking a bit more time and effort in to marketing and promoting to grow the community.
  • Health and Longevity: I've had a couple appointments with my family physician, some lab work, and a couple counseling sessions. And I've squeezed in a few long bike rides!
  • Financial Independence: We've reigned in our spending a pretty good amount this month!


Leave Work on Time

This is still going really well. Just a couple slip ups due to actual emergencies at work. Soon I'll need to find a different reward which doesn't involve so much sugar.


  • Cue: Computer and phone reminders and auto-close computer communication apps at 4:30pm, auto-logout at 5:00pm.
  • Response: Stop current task. Log work for the day and set tomorrow's agenda. Pack up and walk out that damn door.
  • Reward: If I've left on time, grab a snack from the snack bar on my way out. Bask in all that free time I've clawed back to enjoy life.

Bedtime Routine

I'm still reading Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution and I've switched to peach iced tea. This has gone really well as well.


  • Cue: Dinner's finished.
  • Response: Pack for the next day. Brush my teeth. Grab a tasty beverage. Read in bed. Go to sleep.
  • Reward: Read a fun book and drink a tasty beverage.

Financial Reviews

This was a lot less stressful with transactions split out. And we've got a pretty good amount socked away for car shopping!

  • Cue: Personal Goals Review.
  • Response: Log in to Mint. Review budgets and goals.
  • Reward: Goal fund goes up and to the right.

Transaction Updating

This has gone super smoothly as well! I shifted to updating transactions first thing in the morning, before I read the news or check Twitter or whatever. "Rewarding" myself with having to get up and go make coffee turned out not great as it's all the way over there and doesn't allow for me to lay around reading feeds or napping.

  • Cue: Pick up my phone for the first time in the day.
  • Response: Open the Mint app. Rectify any transactions which have arrived since yesterday morning.
  • Reward: Idle reading / nap.


Update Primary Care Physician

This appointment went really well! I've had lab work done since and have a follow up physical exam and a physical therapy consultation scheduled.