bitclock is a binary clock that lives on the page and in a favicon. Pin the page in your browser and puzzle over the time! Written in TypeScript and CSS.


Flex is my personal fork of the Flex theme for the Pelican static site generator. It's what styles this website.


redirtest is a simple redirect testing utility. Given a file containing input and expected final URLs, it will tell you whether visiting the input URL sent the client to the expected final URL and trace all of the intermediate redirects. This is extremely useful for defining and refactoring redirects, and the definition document is very handy for communicating about those redirects to boot!


puppet-dotcms is a Puppet module which can be used to define and configure a dotCMS instance. I wrote this from scratch to define our developers' local dotCMS test instances.


rust-life is an implementation of Conway's Game of Life written in Rust. I wrote this to learn how to write portable Rust and to interface with multiple GUI toolkits in Rust.


PhilosophyQuotes is an Android application which uses Firebase to update and display a database of philosophy quotes in real time. I wrote this in order to teach myself Firebase and learn more about Android app and widget development.


meow-chow is the code for an Arduino-based automated cat feeding system. The prototype/ design code was written in Ruby and the rough implementation is in C++.