Learning Workflow

Posted on 2019-12-29 in blog

Current Process

Currently, I think I learn like this:

  1. Topics show up randomly randomly from various media. These include blogs I follow, social media sites like Reddit, wherever.
  2. Those topics just sort of float around in my head for a while.
  3. When I have too much free time, then I might go find a tutorial on whatever's at the forefront of my mind.

This sucks because:

  • I have a breadth of useless knowledge with little depth.
  • There is no strategy to what I learn, so that knowledge is of dubious value.
  • I don't consistently learn.
  • I don't reinforce knowledge I have gained.

Desired Process

I think a workflow like this would be better:

  1. Topics come from:
    1. Periodic introspection: What do I need to learn to do or do better?
    2. Curated media streams.
  2. Topics are catalogued and prioritized somewhere.
  3. Periodically search the catalogue for a topic to reinforce, expand, or learn.
  4. Periodically prioritize and prune the catalogue.

My hypothesis is that:

  • The knowledge I acquire would more practically suit me.
  • My knowledge retention would improve.
  • I might develop advantageous expertise.

This workflow would require the following habits:

  • When I recognize that I'm spending more than a minute or so learning about a topic, then I should quickly add it to the catalogue and move on.
  • When a day or more has elapsed, then I should spend at least 15 minutes learning about my current topic.
  • When I complete a topic, then I should mark it as complete in the catalog and de-prioritize it.
  • When a week or more has elapsed, then I should prioritize the catalog.
  • When I am just sick of my current topic, then I should cycle it back into the catalog and de-prioritize it heavily.