Installing Bar-End Shifters

Posted on 2020-05-30 in Bicycles


  1. Install your handlebars.
  2. Install your brake levers.
  3. Install your shift cable housing.
  4. Optionally, install your brake cable housing.
  5. Begin wrapping your bar tape, at least a couple turns. This is important because the shifters also function as your bar tape plugs, and going back to install this later will require you to uninstall things.


  • For each shifter:
  • Insert the plug assembly into the bar-end.
    • Ensure the plug secures the bar tape.
    • Ensure the bar tape doesn't obstruct the hole through which the shift cable will be pulled.
  • Tighten the plug assembly by turning the hex bolt in its center counter-clockwise. This is a little counter-intuitive, so consider doing it outside of the bar-end a couple times for understanding.
  • Slide the rectangular post through the hole in the plug assembly.
  • There should be a ring which sites between the plug assembly and the lever assembly. It will have a square indent on the plug assembly side, and a ring indent on the lever assembly side. There should be notches on each side which ensure there is only 1 correct orientation for its installation. Put it on and don't fuck up.
  • Add the lever assembly. Again, there should be 1 correct orientation to interface with the ring. Don't fuck up.
  • Tighten the torque bolt into the lever assembly until the lever assembly can no longer pivot.
  • Loosen the torque bolt by about 180 degrees, or until the lever assembly can once again pivot.
  • If your rear derailleur shifter has an indexed mode, then set it to indexed mode and loosen the torque bolt until you can shift into each position.


  1. Finish your bar tape.
  2. Install your shift cables.